What’s New Act! CRM v21

Growth made easy, that’s the next generation of Act!

Act! CRM helps you build lasting relationships, close deals faster, and make informed business decisions. Act! provides the ultimate tool-set to grow your small business.Take sales and marketing to new heights. Introducing the most adaptable, everywhere, connected Act! experience yet! Optimize your unique business with:

  • Rich Customer Management with the Act! CRM Add-On App
  • Dynamic Sales Pipeline Management
  • Actionable Business Insight
  • Popular Apps and Integrations
What's New in Act! v21

      What’s New!


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Rich Customer Management
 Available as an Act! CRM Add-On

Keep rich contact details, emails, documents, notes, history, activities, and more in one easy to find place—the Act! contact record—for a complete view of your customer relationships.

Unlock the full potential of Act! CRM with the Custom Tables add-on!  Manage detailed, industry-specific data like insurance policies, service contracts, mortgages, or projects with ease.

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Dynamic Sales Pipeline Management 

Act! Dynamic Sales Pipeline Management

Manage opportunities using a simple, out-of-the-box sales process or one you configure to fit your business.

Track products or services, status, days open, probability of close, documents, and more with every sales opportunity.

See a complete, visual representation of your sales pipeline to project revenue, adjust your strategy, and quickly focus your efforts. In-context KPIs help you understand the health of your pipeline at-a-glance.

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Actionable Business Insights 

See dynamic, visual snapshots of real-time metrics with interactive, graphical Act! Insight dashboards covering individual, team, and business performance.

Monitor sales, marketing, and business health KPIs for smarter decision-making.

Dig deeper with one of 50+ preconfigured reports or create custom reports with the report designer. Export reports to Microsoft® Excel, PDF, and email for further analysis or sharing with your team.

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Popular Apps & Integrations

Act! Companion
Act! Companion lets you manage your pipeline from anywhere!

  • Contact and company details
  • Interactive maps
  • Calendar, activities and history
  • Sales pipeline management
  • Actionable dashboards

Stay connected from wherever you are with Act! Companion, a native mobile app designed for iPhone®, iPad®, and Android™2 — a valuable active subscriber benefit!  Learn more.



Act! Connect 

Connect with hundreds of popular apps that extend the power and reach of Act! — a valuable active subscriber benefit! Get started with a few simple steps, then watch as Act! Connect automatically moves info between Act! and the apps of your choice.
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Act! Connect with Outlook

Connect with Outlook
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