Tech Support

You’ll find the technical aspects of Act! don’t have to be frustrating! Whether you’re in IT, management, or sales, we’re here to help. Meet Joyce Nichols, your Act! IT expert.


Technical Services

Paid Support with Training Solutions
Joyce Nichols has been an Act! Consultant with Training Solutions since 2002. She is available to assist you with all things Act! including:

  • Installation assistance
  • Office/Outlook integration
  • Handheld Contact installation/integration
  • Database creation, design, and customization
  • Scheduling database backups
  • All around best practice recommendations for setting up and using Act! to the fullest

Joyce is also available for web based Act! Training to help you and your team utilize the many features available and to optimize your business productivity while maintaining customer relationships.

Act! Subscription Service
All Act! CRM subscriptions include free technical support, the scope of which can be found here.

FREE Self-Service Resources
You can quickly access extensive self-service resources  from videos and guides to the searchable Knowledgebase and Community:

Getting Started                            Download Center
Video Library                               Guides
Knowledgebase                           Demos


Technical Information

All minimum system requirements are based on a single-user environment (one computer accessing a local database). In a shared environment Act! Pro is designed to work with up to 10 users. Customer registration and activation are required. Your system must meet the minimum requirements to be eligible for technical support.

System Requirements
Installation/Getting Started Tutorial

Joyce Nichols

Joyce Nichols

Your Act! IT Expert