Act! Injects New Life into CRM for OccuVAX

OccuVAX had been utilizing Act! for several years, and then decided to make the switch to SalesForce in order to “amp up” our ability to manage our job flow, marketing, tracking and reporting capabilities.

After 10 months, it become vastly apparent that SalesForce could in no way come close to what we had already been getting from our old version of Act!, and we had not even been utilizing a third of it’s capabilities.

We quickly made the switch back to Act!, updated to the recent version, invested in the training and were up and going in a matter of a month and have never looked back! We couldn’t be happier with making the switch back to Act!

Tina M Coleman

It really is an amazing story! Learn more about the OccuVAX experience and see how Act! can make a huge positive impact for your company! It wasn’t until they started using a different CRM system that this leading provider of on-site influenza vaccination clinics discovered Act! really had been the answer to its sales and relationship requirements all along.