ROI = (Gain from e-marketing – Cost of e-marketing) / Cost of e-marketing

Are your emarketing campaigns getting the return you’re looking for?
These Top 5 Tips will help you calculate the return of your emarketing efforts.

5. Understand the limitations of email marketing ROI
Don’t expect to get an exact measure of your email’s ROI. Say someone received your email, but didn’t immediately make a purchase. Or, they forwarded your email to another person. The email wouldn’t be credited for the sale even though it may have been the driving force behind the purchase.

4. Determine your marketing goals
Start by determining what goals are most important to your business and assign a monetary value to each of them. Do you want to generate a certain amount of sales from the email? A certain number of inquiries? Traffic to your website? Knowing your goals and their value helps to make sense of your ROI.

3. Calculate your email marketing costs
In order to calculate your email’s ROI, you need to know how much you spent on it. Your total email marketing should include the time to create your email design and content as well as time spent on any necessary follow-up (i.e. phone calls or email replies).

2. Track custom URLs
Custom URLs let you measure the behavior of visitors to your website after they clicked on a link in your email. You can easily measure this if your customers opened the email and clicked on a link. Act! emarketing even generates a call list for the hottest prospects!
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1. Online surveys
Give your customers an opportunity to sign up to receive your email newsletter, special promotions, or respond to a survey. It’s easy to do with Act! emarketing. New customer information can be easily integrated with your Act! database. Contact me today for a FREE 30-day trial.