Free training on demand! Quick, concise 20-minute webinars in a 3-part series 

Act! is such a powerful tool, it’s easy to miss out on some features that can really make a difference in your day.
Whether you’re a seasoned Act! user or just getting started, you’ll find these 3 FREE on-demand training sessions pack a powerful punch.

Top 10 Tips to Get Your Act! Together

Discover how to tailor your toolbar! Take frequently used functions and move them to the toolbar for 1-click access. No more of that tedious clicking and scrolling.

Increase Your Sales with these Top 3 Reporting Tips
Take the guesswork out of managing your data. Transform sales figures into understandable information when you integrate Act! with Excel.

5 Top Tips to Keep Your Act! Running Safe and Worry-Free
Use these most common trouble-shooting tips to keep your database humming safe and secure.

Do you have your Act! together? We’re here to help! Reach out to us any time you have questions, concerns and even frustrations. You’ll be glad you did!