Do your email messages compel customers to actually read them?
It’s time to rev up your response rates by taking aim at personalizing your emails and getting them on target with your customer needs.

Of course, personalized emarketing is a snap in Act! v17. Want to take it for a test drive? Contact me today for a FREE 30-day trial!

  1. Have fun with your subject line.
    Make the subject line of your email match your company’s voice…sound like a human!
  1. Merge it up!
    Use the mail merge feature to insert personalized information in the proper locations in your emails. Act! emarketing makes this a very simple process. Address contacts by their first name, but make sure not to overuse their name or it will sound unnatural.
  1. Ask your audience.
    Once you have built a strong relationship with your customers, consider sending an email campaign with a link to a customer preference survey. Surveys can be easily made using Act! emarketing. A survey will help you further segment your list, leading to more personalized emails.
  1. Target your content.
    Send content that is specific to each customer’s needs and interests. For example, reference products or services they have purchased or shown interest in. Or segment your list by purchase history, online behaviors and email interactions. Insert links within your emails that will lead your customer to a webpage providing information that is beneficial and unique to their specific desires.
  1. Interact with your recipients!
    Use your emails to interact with your customers, not just as a way to promote business. Reply promptly when you receive a response to show you care about their particular interests and feedback. Welcome emails show customers you appreciate their business.