Are you hitting the mark?
Emarketing is a powerful tool…but only if the message is actually delivered to your customer’s inbox. These Top 5 Tips will help make sure your message is right on target!

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5. Scrub your lists regularly. Make it a habit once a quarter to remove any inaccurate email addresses such as:

  • Email aliases such as or (These emails are often not delivered successfully because all email addresses associated with the alias need to opt-in to receive your communications).
  • Malformed email addresses such as ones missing the “@” symbol or have other obvious typos such as or
  • False email addresses. Take the time to remove any email addresses that are obviously false, such as ones which contain lots of random numbers/letters.

4. Ask your contacts to reconfirm their subscription. Send an email to all of your subscribers asking them to opt-in again if they want to remain on your list. Remember to thank them and show appreciation for their initial interest in your email communications.

3. Remove the bounces. Every time you send an email some will bounce back due to invalid or non-existent email addresses, a full inbox, or out-of-office responders. View your bounce reports and move the invalid and non-existent email addresses to your Do Not Mail list.

2. Re-engage or remove inactive subscribers. Generate a list of subscribers who haven’t opened your emails in over a year. Send them an email offering an incentive to become active again or notify them their subscription period is ending and you’d like them to opt in again. Wait a week, then remove the subscribers who remain inactive from your list.

1. Ask them to add you to their Safe Sender list. A Safe Sender list, or white list, is very similar to a VIP list at an exclusive event. The likelihood of your email being delivered to a recipient’s inbox is significantly greater when you are on their Safe Sender list. Make sure to mention the benefits they’ll receive by white listing you.