Swiftpage is a wonderful marketing addon tool for ACT! Swiftpage also provides wonderful support and ideas for developing effective marketing campaigns.

Here are some great tips from their most recent newsletter on how to get started on your drip marketing campaign:

Who are you sending to?
Segment, segment, segment. The more you segment your lists, the better your results will be, as a result of the focusing and targeting of your messaging.

What are your options?
What are all of the different pieces you could engage your recipients with and use to keep in touch? “Thanks for your purchase”, “If you like widget A, you also might like widget B”? Make a list and then put all of your touch points into campaigns.

Keep email and print content short, with simple calls to action. Drive people to your website or landing pages for the detailed content.

Email, Print, or Phone?
Go beyond email. A campaign with coordinated print, email and call pieces looks professional and increases your chances of getting a recipient’s attention.

Who are you calling?
Always put a Call List stage in your campaigns in order to follow up with those who are most interested by number of opens and clicks.


Drip Marketing is easy to use, just dive in and start building a test campaign with the tips above.