Do you see this icon in the lower-right hand side of your screen in your System Tray?

Your Outlook message didn't attach to ACT

This icon lets you know that you have Outlook messages that failed to attach to a contact record in your Act! database.

Occasionally, Act! may be unsuccessful in attaching an email message to an Act! contact record when you clicked the Quick Attach icon or when you sent an email from Outlook and elected to record Act! History of the send.

Whatever the reason for the failure (the Act! contact does not exist or has a different email address), Act! holds the e-mails for a specified period of time so that you can manually attach them.

To manually attach:

  1. Double-click the Quick Attach icon with the red X in the system tray (use the pop-up arrow if necessary to display any hidden icons.)
  2. Click the Not Attached Messages tab.
  3. Select the problem message and click an icon on the toolbar.
  4. Select one of the options (described below).
  5. When you are finished, click Close.

Retry Quick Attach… Perhaps you lost your network connection or had a password change or added the contact’s Personal e-mail.

Attach to Act! Contact… Displays the Attach E-mail to Contacts dialog where you can select the contact record (perhaps the email address is slightly different in Act!)

Attach to New Contact… Displays the New Contact dialog to create a new Contact from the e-mail so that you can then attach the email to the new record.

Remove … Deletes the selected e-mail message from the list. This option is especially nice if you have not altered your default of attaching ALL messages sent. There are some contacts that I correspond with that are just not in my database, nor do I plan to add them.

p.s. If you don’t see the icon in your system tray, then you don’t have any messages that failed to attach. That’s a good thing!