Clearing your Act! past activities and eventually removing them is an excellent way to:

  • Increase the speed of Act!
  • Maximize performance
  • Minimize synchronization and calendar display time.

Don’t worry about losing your information. Activities are designed to take place in the future while Histories are designed for the past. Clearing an Activity and marking it Complete or Not Complete creates a History entry, so the entry is really in both locations. Remove the cleared Activity and it will remain in your History!
Clearing Past Activities/Removing Cleared Activities
Create a backup of your database before attempting the following procedure.

1. View the Act! Task List. (View>Task List or click Task List button on navigation bar.)


2. Click the drop-down arrow at the Options button, and ensure that the Show Cleared Tasks option is clear while all other tasks are enabled for display:

3. Click the Dates filter, and then click Past from the drop-down list so that you are only viewing activities scheduled in the past.

4. Select an activity, right-click and then click Clear Activity, Reschedule Activity or Erase Activity until there are minimal active tasks scheduled for the past and your calendar has most activities scheduled for the future.

Tip: To select multiple activities at once, click the first activity, hold the Shift key down, and select the last one.

5. Once the past activities are removed, click the Tools menu, point to Database Maintenance, and then click Remove Old Data. The Remove Old Data dialog box appears:

6. Enable the Cleared activities older than option (or any other cleanup options you desire), enter a number for the days you wish to specify, and then click OK. The following Remove Old Data message appears:

Note: Remember, a History item is created for each cleared Activity. Your information will be in the History.


7. Click Yes to remove your outdated items. The following Act! message appears:

8. Click Yes to reindex the database. The following Act! message appears:

9. Click OK to complete the process.