You really can have it all! Whether you need a desktop software or a web-based solution, Act! provides you with a full range of products to best serve your company.

How do you choose which option? We’re here to help! As Act! Certified Consultants, we will help you determine which option…or even a combination of both…is best for you.

Both Act! Pro and Act! Premium are on-premise solutions that make it easy for you to have meaningful conversations with customers by giving you an organized view of everyone you do business with using the Windows® platform.
However, only Act! Premium provides the additional benefits of web and mobile access. Great options if you want mobility while you work. On-premise is ideal if you:

• Want complete access to all Act! features and functionality
• Have in-house IT resources to manage your on-site servers
• Need advanced customization and integration capabilities
• Require control of your data on your own site

Act! via the Web is a cloud solution, giving you and your team on-demand access to your Act! database. You can jump right in to complete contact, calendar, and opportunity details from your computer, smartphone, or tablet anytime you’re online. Need offline access too? No problem. We’ve got an offline option for when a connection to the web is unavailable. Cloud deployment is ideal if you:

• Require on-demand access to your database through a browser, on smart phones and tablets
• Want to host it yourself on a secure web server or you can use us to safely host your database
• Want automatic access and upgrades to the newest versions of Act!

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how much the web-based solution looks and works just like the desktop Windows version. Although they closely resemble each other, the desktop version has more options because it’s not limited by a web browser interface.

Also, if you are using any Act! apps, you’ll want to make sure it’ll work in an Act! web hosted environment.

As always, we’re here to help! Contact us anytime and let us help you pick the solution that best fits your company.