Act! Premium Subscription Benefits

Your subscription has a lot of advantages! So that you can take full advantage of all your benefits with an Act! Premium Subscription, we’ve listed them below. If you need a more personalized approach for training on how to use Act! or to custom tailor Act! for your business, contact me today.

Know more, so you can DO more with Act!


FREE Access to Act! Technical Support

 Phone Support 866-873-2006 & Live Chat
8:30 a.m. – 8:30 p.m. Monday through Friday
Be sure to have your company’s Act! Customer Account Number ready.

                      Act!’s Self-Service Knowledge Base provides 24/7 access to solutions for common problems.
FREE Online Training Library

This extensive library provides you with access to 100+ training videos that cover both Windows and Web features whether you’re self-hosted or using Act!’s hosted cloud service. 

FREE Upgrades & Updates

You’re automatically entitled to the the latest Act! version and platform updates, new services and integrations and continuous improvements with your Act! Premium subscriptions – for both on-premises and Cloud deployments.

Product announcements can be found at Act! “What’s New”.
Downloads, hot fixes, updates and documentation are at the Act!  Download Center.

Watch for a renewal notice invoice from us approximately 30 days prior to your subscription renewal date. If you’re not currently a Training Solutions customer, we can help manage your Act! Premium Subscription or Act! Premium Cloud Subscription account (AND we’ll provide you with discounted pricing on your Act! subscription products.)

EXCLUSIVE Access to Act! Tools & Popular Apps

The Act! Web API platform, allows for connections to business productivity tools to help you streamline efficiency by extending the power and reach of Act!

As an active subscriber, you have exclusive access to the Act! Connect Library of popular third party integrations for ecommerce, social media, sales & marketing, and more.

Your subscription also includes the enhanced premium features of:

Act! Companion mobile app
Act! Insight Dashboard for real-time metrics
Ask Act! Amazon Alexa voice integration

FREE Integrated Emarketing

A basic Act! emarketing account is included with your subscription for FREE. Easily design and send impactful email campaigns, intelligently analyze results, and automate key follow-up actions. With integrated Act! emarketing, you’ll have the tools you need to reach new prospects, stay connected with your customers, and prioritize new opportunities. Learn more with these quick video tours of Act! Emarketing