Did you purchase Act! to help you build relationships and increase sales but find you aren’t getting the results you want?

I believe some people aren’t getting the most out of their Act! investment. Are you one of them?

Below are 5 reasons why you may not get the results you desire. If you agree to at least one of them (or to one of the other 6 reasons listed in the post* I took these from), call me or email me right now and let’s address them!

1. My CRM System Has Entered the Land of Legacy – it was created a decade ago before the internet or smartphones and since I’m more mobile now I need access anywhere, anytime

2. My CRM System is Filled with Garbage Records and Field Values – I need an easy way to clean up my Act!

3. My CRM System Was Over-Designed – My sales reps think it’s too difficult to enter the data. I need to track what’s important. (We’ve worked with two customers recently where this was their reason so we simplified the database for them and now they use Act! more!)

4. A Lack of Executive Level Involvement – I don’t have the time to use it so I really don’t understand what needs to change.

5. New Users Aren’t Getting Trained – I’m hiring new people who don’t know how to use it. (With “training” in our company name, this is very dear to our heart.)

*To see other reasons why people aren’t using their CRM, check out a post from CRMSwitch : 11 Reasons Why People Aren’t Using their CRM