Don’t Think About It, Auto-mate It with Act! Activity Series

So whatever happened to that prospect who filled out a “Contact Us” form? Did you send a “thank you for your inquiry” note? Did you call? Did you keep them on the follow-up radar, or did they fall-through the cracks?

It’s easy to have good intentions, but they aren’t very good if we forget to reach out!

The Activity Series in Act! is a tremendous tool to help remind you of follow-up tasks for common events such as:

  • General Inquiries
  • Newsletter sign-up
  • Proposals
  • Post-purchase  

You can set up a separate activity series for each event when you want to be sure the same follow-up ALWAYS happens. Let’s say these are the 4 activities you want to occur EVERY time you close a deal.

1.  Thank you for your business note a week after

2.  Phone call a month later, do you have a satisfied customer?

3.  Email 6 months later with tips, resource ideas, helpful hints

4.  One-year anniversary card, thank you for your business, include new products, resources, ideas

Keeping this plan for follow-up is a snap with the Act! Activity Series. Just follow these 5 steps and let Act! help you follow-through to bigger profits!

1. On the Schedule menu, point to Manage, and then click Activity Series Templates.

2. Select Create a new activity series. Click Next.

3. Follow the instructions on the Activity Series Template Wizard pages. Click Next.

4. On the Activity Series Template Creation Wizard – Series page, click Add. Add an activity to the series by entering information as needed. Click OK and repeat steps to add more activities to the series.

5. Click Next then select to schedule the activity series now or later.