The Next Generation – Act! v20.1


What’s New Product Brief
Introducing the most adaptable, everywhere, connected Act! experience yet! Optimize your unique business with:

  • Custom Tables Manager in the new Act! Premium Plus
  • Next generation Microsoft® Outlook® integration
  • Compatibility with Office 365 and Exchange for contact and calendar sync,
    and so much more!


Custom Tables Manager
Included with Act! Premium Plus

Custom Tables Manager provides maximum adaptability so you can bring complex data sets, unique business processes, and specialized industry practices together in Act! tmanage your business.

But unlike spreadsheets, you can associate individual table entries to Act! contacts, companies, groups, and opportunities for easy reference.
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Act! Insight Custom Dashboard Included with Act! Premium

Act! Insight dashboards now include rich customization capabilities, so you can pull in data from all Act! entities, reporting-based fields, and custom fields, making it easier to measure business and team performance.

Even drill through to Act! list views from dashboards.

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Outlook® Integration & Compatibility Updates Included with Act! Premium

Outlook® Integration
Quick actions within Outlook® let you record emails to Act! history manually from inbox and sent folders, auto-record emails to Act! history when emails are sent, or bulk sync emails to Act! history.

Configure what gets recorded to Act! history—email components or plus attachments. Mail Merge improvements make it possible to include images in your communications, whether you’re using new or existing templates.

Compatibility Updates
Work with popular Microsoft® platforms Office 365 and Exchange for contact and calendar sync. These newly supported platforms provide additional convenience, flexibility, access options, and control.

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Act! Companion Included with Act! Premium

Act! Companion now includes Act! opportunities so you can manage your pipeline from anywhere. View opportunities in new list or detail views, and easily create, update, close, or delete opportunities on-the-fly. Act! Companion is available to active Act! Premium subscribers! Learn more.

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