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Dear Cindy and Joyce,

My decision to upgrade to Act!v 20.1 was an easy one after “meeting” you and Joyce in one of your truly eye-opening and informative Act! webinars. Your website is a treasure trove of useful tips and techniques to squeeze every measure of functionality out of Act! Training Solutions is my go-to source for insightful tips and tricks that make using the new version of Act! worth every penny. Thanks again Cindy and Joyce for all your help.

Frank Furgiuele
SOS Direct Marketing


Cindy and Joyce, you guys have been such a great blessing to us this year. You helped us move forward with Act! I know Tom in particular needed some help and Joyce was there for him. Joyce also helped us with the software update which was very helpful. Thanks again!

Reggie Collette
The Longest Ride


On behalf of Mel and Chuck:

I wanted to thank you for walking the extra mile today and for being infinitely patient with all three of us. Speaking for all of us, the training was priceless.  Act! is a very high priority with Bossard and will be for us as well.

Your are a very good teacher/trainer. We gathered afterwards for lunch and all reached the same conclusion. Thanks for pulling the chestnuts out of the fire for us. Thanks again for a job well done from the three of us.

Rick Ferenchick Cell
Arnold Industries LLC
A Bossard Company


We have finally been using Act! a lot more and getting all of the staff using it, too. Earl loves the reports and all the different ways I can run reports– so it has definitely been useful!

Hillary Lyons


I started using Act! when I was hired at Custom Gear & Machine in 2002 and have used it ever since. I may not be able to remember everything about a certain customer or potential customer, but I can always go to my Act! database to search history and notes and find what I need.

The “Task List” is my favorite feature. It allows me to follow-up on important tasks such as quotes and new business. Of course, the most important task for me is staying in contact with my customers. I was taught and believe that keeping in touch with people is the best way to grow a business.

I may not get an order with every contact, but people definitely know who I am when I call. It’s just not humanly possible to remember and follow-up on 2,000+ contacts without the help of Act!

Schafer Industries bought Custom Gear in 2016. The fact that I brought in $55 million worth of new business to Custom Gear helped me keep my job. I could not have done this without having a good system like Act! in place to store all my information. Schafer Gear has just now purchased Act! for everyone at my location as well as its corporate office.

Brenda Mehlbaum
Schafer Gear Works


The conversion went extremely well. I appreciate the efficiency and competence of your organization for getting my old database up and running with the new software. I couldn’t be more pleased! I should have done this years ago when I had first contacted you.

Jack Greene
Work In Progress


Exquisite! Thank you for being so helpful in this process of getting me up to speed on how everything is setup as well as your friendliness in working with us to get our database back on it’s feet.

Jeff Byous
All Systems Designed Solutions


OccuVAX had been utilizing Act! for several years, and then decided to make the switch to SalesForce in order  to “amp up” our ability to manage our job flow, marketing, tracking and reporting capabilities.  After 10 months, it become vastly apparent that SalesForce could in no way come close to what we had already been getting from our old version of Act!, and we had not even been utilizing a third of it’s capabilities.  We quickly made the switch back to Act!, updated to the recent version, invested in the training and were up and going in a matter of a month and have never looked back!  We couldn’t be happier with making the switch back to Act!

Tina M Coleman

It really is an amazing story! Learn more about the OccuVAX experience and see how Act! can make a huge positive impact for your company!

It wasn’t until they started using a different CRM system that this leading provider of on-site influenza vaccination clinics discovered Act! really had been the answer to its sales and relationship requirements all along.


Thank you for your tips and training. I’ve learned more from you in the last six months than I have in the last 10 years as an Act! user on my own.

I’m self-employed, small business, and I don’t have the budget for personal training. Your outreach has helped me a great deal.  An example: I’ve synced my contacts across Act!, Outlook, and Gmail for the first time!

So, When you get to San Diego on business there’s magic and a meal gratis during your visit.


Dana Law
Amazing Dana the Magician


Thanks so much to all of you and your team for turning around so fast. You are the best!

Reggie Collette


The Act! Top Tips webinar was very helpful. I went in and made the necessary modifications so that I am now have record of the emails going out & being received.


Roger Cox
The Duerson Corporation


Thank you for your excellent webinars the past two weeks.. It is obvious you know the ins and outs of Act! And you were so precise on the 20- minute webinar. Impressive. You opened my eyes to what I am capable of doing with Act! True confession, Act! has been mostly an address book and diary for me.

Susan Lynch


Cindy and Joyce from Training Solutions have provided excellent training for our company both in person at our facility and remotely using interactive conferencing software.  Anytime I need assistance, they are quick to respond with technical support, practical tools for solving tasks, and handy tips/advice for using the software to its fullest potential. The value they add to our business is vital. They are such a wonderful and professional group of people to work with and have always gone above and beyond whenever we need to call upon their expertise.

Thank you ladies!

Charles Harris
Covington Aircraft Engines, Inc.


Cindy was very helpful and efficient in explaining Act!  The entire process was very user friendly.  As an Independent Distributor and business owner, the convenience of sending all my contacts and having them input into the Act! program within 24 hours is priceless…Thanks Cindy!

Shana Maugh
Zen for your Skin


OccuVAX had been utilizing Act! for several years, and then decided to make the switch to SalesForce in order  to “Amp” up our ability to manage our job flow, marketing, tracking and reporting capabilities.  After 10 months, it become vastly apparent that SalesForce could in no way come close to what we had already been getting from our old version of Act!, and we had not even been utilizing a 3rd of it’s capabilities.  We quickly made the switch back to Act!, updated to the recent version, invested in the training and were up and going in a matter of a month and have never looked back!  We couldn’t be happier with making the switch back to Act!

Tina M Coleman


First off, a heartfelt ‘THANK YOU’ for your efforts today. I really appreciate it.

Second – thanks also for wanting me to know something.

I already know that I’m going to thoroughly enjoy working with people (that is you, Cindy, and also Joyce last week) who (like myself) care greatly for the well being of others that they come into contact with, and who demonstrate their professionalism by volunteering valuable information (like what you’ve noted below) even at 9pm at night.

You are a champion, Cindy!  And, so is Joyce.

Kirk A. Hicks


The database maintenance plan was a big help for us. It was great to have someone look at our Act! database and recommend ways to improve things. Our biggest surprise was to find out that our Act! was not being backed up. We rely on this program to run our sales department and losing the information would have been devastating to our operation.

Troy Stickels
Glenwood Telco


I spoke to Debi Barnes this afternoon and gave you a “glowing report”!  We talked a bit about her business and needs; which allowed me the opportunity to tell her how you would be able to help structure the system to fit their needs.  Sounds like they are very serious about moving forward with Act! and Training Solutions Inc.

Good Luck and please don’t ever hesitate to use me as a reference…you are such a pleasure to work with!

Cindy Sinnott
Med-Search Recruiting


Before we met Cindy Kool with Act!, our business was built around many piles of notes and phone messages. Act! has been a super organizational tool.  We now have over 12,000 contacts in our database that can be tracked, searched and serviced, electronically and instantly.

Greg Kautza
Gold Medal Trailers Sales


We are now doing all the quoting and opportunity work thru Act! It was nice today to view all the open opportunities and dollar amounts of the quotes.  This will give us a great barometer on weekly activity for the sales dept.  This is going to be a very, very good system to help all of us, my only regret is that we did not discover it sooner.  I would not hesitate to tell someone how good this is.  Thank you again for all the help and thanks in advance for the help I am sure we will be calling you for.

Dave Anderson
Alum-Line, Inc.


We all thought the Act! training was incredibly helpful and we all really enjoyed it.  Joyce was a wonderful instructor and took the time to answer questions and tailored the training to our specific needs.  She was a delight with which to work.

We would like to thank you for all your time and efforts in preparing this training and the execution of it as well.  Joyce should also be commended.  Please pass that along from all of us here at the Isle and we look forward to working with you again in the future!

Thanks again!

James Laird
Isle Corporation


Everything is working beautifully!  We have been very busy with refinance transactions and our loan officers and assistants have appreciated the enhanced searching and reporting features.  From a managerial perspective, I’ve enjoyed being able to view everyone’s calendars and activity without having to log into different databases.

The work you and Joyce did to combine the databases was well worth the investment.

Sara Hernandez
Union Bank Mortgage Loans


We at Beeline and Blue believe that maintenance is a preventive action.  We have maintenance plans on all of our production equipment and software.  It only made sense that we have one on our customer database.  In a time sensitive environment having a properly maintained Act! database its critical to being able to respond to market changes.

Thank you very much!

Tim Peltzer
Beeline and Blue


Within the last year we have come to realize the value of Act! and what it can offer.  The database we have created has become the hub of our business;  guiding our marketing campaign, client communication and retention, and our referral program.  A database cannot be successfully developed and maintained without proper training and consultation.  Cindy Kool and her staff at Training Solutions provided us the training that we needed.  Cindy Kool (Training Solutions) is very knowledgable and has the skill to share that knowledge in a very professional, yet personable manner.  I highly recommend Training Solutions!

Michele Bjorkgren
Compass Financial


Cindy Kool with Training Solutions was instrumental in the planning, implementation and training of our company’s contact management software. Cindy was always there when we needed her and when we encountered a few bumps in the road, she provided us with solutions, not excuses. We could not have done it without her.

Dr. Tom Schwarzer
Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica Inc.


Cindy and Joyce were so thorough and professional in helping Inspiring Solutions clean up our ACT database!  They are always quick to respond and resourceful to find answers to our questions.  We value our relationship with Training Solutions!

Michele Matt
Inspiring Solutions


As Project Leader for Gemvision’s Act! implementation this past year, I want to thank you and your knowledgeable team for the invaluable guidance, suggestions, training and implementation provided by Training Solutions.

In retrospect, I know that our installation and needs were certainly not typical, but without Training Solutions, I’m certain none of it could have been accomplished. Your willingness to help at every stage was essential for us, and I thank you for being there!

As we move forward this year, we will be upgrading to Act! Premium for Workgroups (we are thrilled about the product!) and look forward to the additional training we are now scheduling with you and the Training Solutions team. It’s great to work with a company that puts the client first!

Thank you, we are all looking forward to seeing you again next month!

Wayne Emery